S10 fuel gauge stuck on empty

s10 fuel gauge stuck on empty Get Yours Today! We know our parts and products. fuel gauge jumps from full to empty all the time regardless how much fuel is in the tank - making the gauge useless for displaying the amount of gas in the tank (same thing happens on wife's 2002 blazer). fuel gauge shows empty all the time. Hi Guys, I still have a fuel gauge that reads all over the place but mainly empty with fuel in the tank. My fuel gauge started out fine, after about a year (I got it used) the gauge would read empty wen I fill up then go to the correct level once I ran enough gas out of it. With a very full tank (to the filler neck) it still shows E and the light is still on even though my overhead shows over 500 miles till empty. The fuel gauge in 91-93 SE-R's and NX2000's has a reputation for being erratic and inaccurate. I returned to the gas station to find out what happened, the attendant swore he did pump gas into my car. The fuel pump is fine on my Chevy s10 blazer then why is my gauge still read empty? The fuel pump may be fine but the sending unit may not be. GAS Gauge is in/op - reads "Low Fuel" and pegged on empty. I told him that I would drive it around to see if the fuel gauge went up. hey fellas. usually empty when i'm sitting for a minute. Motorcycles and some other vehicles don't require a fuel pump, relying on gravity to feed gas to the engine. My fuel gauge is not working. Hi guys, I was just wondering if it is normal for an old car to have this problem or is it something that needs fixing. The fuel gauge on my 98 s10 will peg itself past full when I start the vehicle. Fuel pump will either work, or not work very seldom will it become periodic unless there is a short in the wiring. One gauge shows pressure that is introduced with shop air from the air compressor and the other gauge shows the amount of loss. . I have a 2003 EX odyssey and the fuel indicator is below empty with the light on. I put the wrong year it is a 2000 instead of a 2002. However, the fuel gauge is just the indicator; behind it is the vehicle’s fuel delivery system, and a major component of that system is the fuel sending unit, which measures and then sends the fuel gauge on your dashboard information about the tank’s current fuel level. currently my milometer does not work it is stuck just about to turn over to 99k . Anyway, the only thing we could think of is a leaky injector that's dribbling when the car's off. I always fill up the tank and then reset the trip meter to zero. whether the tank is full or empty, the guage reads empty and the fuel light is on 100% of the time. There is more to doing a complete check but it’s a little to involved to try and type it out, along with you not likely having the test equipment anyway. The following trouble-shooting instructions apply to the AC-type fuel gauge, which is one of the most common type of units. We made sure we wired it have a 1999 chevy blazer ls just changed fuel pump and sending unit gauge still stuck on empty and low fuel light wont go out. Suddenly the needle went past full and stucked there. The fuel system is supposed to be a closed system to prevent fuel vapor escape for emissions standards, which is why the code trips. The sending unit will be protected by an access cover, usually held on with a couple of screws. I have a 2000 S-10 Extreme and have just recently noticed that my fuel gauge reads empty when there's a full tank. I lent him my fuel pressure gauge to check for over pressure, guessing that it was a bad fuel pressure regulator. Fifteen seconds later, the gauge will fall to below empty and my dummy light will come on. but sometimes it bounces around all crazy like that. i took the dash apart and messed with the fuel gauge and still nothing. Check the fuse. Temp and Fuel Gauge Not Working I really need to resolve this ASAP and can't seem to find anybody that's had this problem. I plugged in my auto scanner and code ‘P0501’(Vehicle Speed Sensor A, Range/Performance) popped up. Low fuel light always stays on. some guys swore it was the fuel pump and started hitting the bottom of the tank till I yelled at them to leave it alone. Chevrolet Spark Fuel Gauge Problem. - my fuel gauge keeps sitting on the word fuel which is beyond passed a full tank. I've checked the fuses and there doesn't appear to be one for those gauges alone. The fuel gauge was constantly flipping between either completely full or empty with the fuel light on. There is also an 12V to 8V converter regulator in the Instrument Cluster which may have gone bad. A fuel pump draws petrol out of the tank through a pipe to the carburettor. If the gauge drops, then you will have to drop the tank and replace the sending unit. To accomplish this the ECU increases or decreases fuel delivery by increasing or decreasing the time that the injectors are open. I Want to show the problem with my 2007 civic lx fuel gauge It inverts all the time. In other words, when I went to an Oregon gas station, which in Oregon is required to be filled by a Attendant. The fuel pump module consists of a fuel pump, internal wiring, anti drain-back valve and a strainer. Corvette Gauge Clusters - Instrument Panel Dilemma Solved Dark, Derelict, Dead. There are 2 situations whereby the fuel gauge does not read correctly. 29 at plug Anyone know what else i should check. Diagnosis of Stuck Fuel Gauge- Is it Gauge or Sending I know I have a problem with my IAC it sticks open sometimes, my question is if it is stuck open how does this affect the operation of the fuel injectors, on a recent trip I was coasting down a long grade approx 15 miles at 8 percent and I burned through an eighth of a tank of gas in 5 th gear just coasting no throttle input, on the return trip 3/4 throttle same grade 5th gear needle on fuel Hi All, does anyone know if you can adjust the fuel gauge reading through the SID or tech 2? I've just filled up my 2006 9-3 Aero and the fuel gauge is only showing 3/4 full, however just prior to this I had to have a jump start as the battery was flat, and I left the car running whilst I was filling up so as I didn't want to risk the car not starting again. This will continue to happen until the fuel level reaches about 1/4 to 1/3 full and it will stop. Beginning spring 2004, the fuel gauge in our 2001 chevy pick-up began suddenly dropping to empty reading/low fuel indicator lights despite having a full tank of fuel. Removing the gauge cluster from the dash was a snap, took less than ten minutes. In principle, the fuel gauge is an Ohmmeter with a indicator dial showing Full-Empty scale printed on it rather than a resistance read out. The gauge unit is basically a resistor that has increasingly lower resistance in proportion to the amount of fuel in the tank. My fuel gauge was stuck on empty as well, but the low level light worked. 95. I also banged on the side of the tank with a hammer with no luck. On engines that have fuel service port schrader valves, installing a Performance Fuel Systems EFI Gauge Kit is a quick an easy way to perform a fuel pressure leak down test. 2L in line six. It would also take almost a full day for the fuel gauge to finally read full. It hasn't moved in at least five tanks of gas. Later I got a check engine and truck stalled. ) Your Chevy Camaro fuel level sending unit is located inside your tank and is essentially a sensor to tell your ECU just how much gas you have. With a few basic tools and a lot of patience, you can troubleshoot the problem yourself and avoid a costly repair. When you turn the key to the "on" position, the fuel sending unit inside the tank gets a signal and returns a signal (resistance compensated because of the amount of fuel) to your gauge. sence I fixed the wires that was causing my fuel pump fuse to blow, my fuel gauge is reading 3/4 fuel at times and drops to 1/4 at times. Take readings dead-head (key on, engine off) and running. There's a reoccurence of the problem. [The Ultimate Guide to 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Chevrolet / GM Instrument Cluster Problems] This article is an attempt to bring together in one place all the knowledge currently available about the common problem of faulty gauges in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 (plus some early model 2007) GM vehicles. Finally, during about the third fuel pressure measurement when I was bleeding the gauge into a can I noticed the fuel looked a little darker than usual; carrying the container outdoors into the sun it was easy to see a green tint to the fuel. If your fuel gauge is stuck full or empty this video may help to see if the problem is with the gauge itself, the wiring, or the sending unit. Doesn't matter whether there are 3 gallons of gas or a recently filled tank. . The standard aftermarket senders now measure the fuel capacity at 33 ohms empty and 240 ohms at full. Fuel gauge registers empty with a full tank of gas on my 2001 chevy S10 Blazer, we replaced the fuel pump, sending unit. While widely used in automobiles, these devices can also be useful for any reservoir such as underground storage container tanks. A: "Fuel Trim" is the fine tune control of fuel delivery by the ECU. You drive about 400 miles and the gauge reads half a tank. If the gauge reads full all the time it means that it is not seeing too high of resistance from the wiring to the tank or from the sending unit. Some Chevrolets have multiple interior fuse boxes including in the trunk - the video above will show you where the interior fuse box of your 1999 S10 is located. is it easier or harder than those gas tanks. Look for scraping, rubbing, bare wires, burn spots or melted plastic. The problem started after it was jump started. This database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. Simply install a Performance Fuel Systems EFI Gauge Kit on the fuel service port schrader valve (follow the instructions supplied with the kit). I put a good half a tank of fuel in and drove a bunch of bumpy roads, but that didn't work. If the fuse for the fuel gauge have stopped working, your fuel gauge could be erratic and performing strangely. The sending unit mounts onto the oil tank and connects to a digital or analog gauge mounted in the building. At zero ohms from the sending unit, the dash gauge should read Empty; at 30 ohms it should read Full. 1999 XJ Fuel gauge issue Last fall my XJ left me walking, I turned it off and it would not start. Three Methods: Checking the Starter and Battery Ensuring the Engine is Getting Fuel Testing the Ignition System Community Q&A If you find that your car won’t start, there are a number of issues that may be the culprit. i checked the selector switch and it seems to be getting power. But, the fuel gauge runs from Fuse No. Sometimes, it will just randomly show full or half, etc (well, whatever the real fuel amount is, anyway). To fix the problem, you only need to fit a new fuse. F 150 Fuel Pump Problems ~ you are welcome to our site, this is images about f 150 fuel pump problems posted by Maria Nieto in Diagram category on Sep 10, 2018. safety standards. The fuel gauge had stopped working several thousand miles prior to me buying it, and was always on "empty". Re: What would cause a fuel gauge to peg way past full? Generally, if your gauge is reading past full and the tank isn't full, it's the positive wire that has a connection problem. Not sure if its part of the evap system blocking it or not. This is why, on most cars, the needle goes below empty and eventually stops moving while there is still gas left in the tank. My fuel gauge is reading empty and the low fuel light is on. Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) NTB93-094 was issued by Nissan in June of 1993 describing the problem and providing instructions to correct it. If it's plugged up it will not allow vapors to escape fast enough and cause the pump to shut off. When car owners overfill the fuel tank, the EVAP charcoal canister can be saturated with raw fuel instead of just fumes as it was designed. Learn how a fuel pump works to supply petrol to the engine in a petrol fuel system. I’ve been looking into what sensor needs replacement since there are the 4 ABS sensors and the transmission speed sensor. 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4. Check your fuel gauge fuse if the gauge's indicator stays on empty when your turn on the ignition. The vehicle was taken to the dealership where it was purchased to have the problem fixed while under warranty (under 35k mi). Disconnect the wire to the 'T' terminal, if the gauge stays at ''Full'' then there is a fault in the gauge, if the pointer drops back to `Empty' then the gauge is OK and there is a fault between the gauge and the tank. First thing to do is to warm up the engine, then pull the plug wires, and spark plugs. Other Fuel System Fuel Gauge problem of the 2001 Chevrolet S10 3 Failure Date: 03/20/2005 Well like the title states, my fuel gauge needle got stuck on full as of today! it was working fine untill i turned it on this morning, i didnt even fill My truck is a 2001 Silverado 1500 4x4 with a 5. As the fuel is used then the float goes down. How to Fix a Car That Doesn't Start. Choose from a variety of mechanical fuel pumps, electrical fuel pumps and fuel pump assemblies. oh and my full pump went out last year had it fixed but the fuel The gauge never came back up and is stuck on empty. Ive seen kinked fuel tank filler neck ( the tube that goes from the hole in the side of the car to the tank) To diagnose a cooling system problem, start by checking the radiator cap for damage, rust, or grime that could be preventing the radiator from releasing excess pressure. Popular searches; Most Purchased; DASHLINK, OBDII DIGITAL GAUGES, APPLE iOS/ANDROID Product # 6035. If you are using an aftermarket fuel gauge in the dash, you must have a sending unit that has a matched ohm rating or it will not function properly. The pump may be mechanical worked by The gas gauge and range/performance displays are a bit erratic as well. Fuel injection cleaner, also known as injector cleaner, is a simple trick that can give you a lot of bang for your buck. A fuel tank sender unit works by lifting up a float as the fuel is filled. I have a 1999 s-10 my fuel gauge quit working I had to replace my fuel pump that fixed my proplem. After about 20 to 50 miles the gauge begins reading normally and appears to work correctly until the next fill up. when i shut of the engine, it will stay were ever it is, even turning the key on want make it move. Fuel Pumps & Tanks Shop Advance Auto Parts for quality fuel pumps from Airtex, Bosch, Denso and Delphi. Hi I realise there's lots of information about faulty fuel gauges on this forum, but I don't know which generation my civic is. Fuel System Gasoline Problem on the 2000 CHEVROLET S10. Fuel tanks on cars today are made from plastic, molded to fit into very tight spaces on the cars. The last two times I have filled my tank up the fuel level gauge shows one square down. my gas gauge needle jumps from empty to full but it stuck on full most of the time also my speedometer gets stuck sometimes any idea what could be wrong ok thanks we will give this a try. After some research and testing I came to the conclusion that the fuel tank level sensor was bad. i have searched on here but everything i found said the gauge said empty or bounced around could it be that i just filled it up that much and Hi All, I have a question. Bad news is that his pressure is right on the money, I think he said about 45 psi. Fuel gauge stuck on empty? Two ways to fix that- scrape up some cash and put gas in it, or if that doesn't work, replace the fuel level sensor in the tank. But that tube seems to be stuck in your fuel filler! The fuel gauge on my 01 Venture was just fine until I backed out of my garage shut it off and then restarted the van. But I don't have to be ignorant and stupid, thanks to Tank On Empty. This sensor is usually found mounted in the fuel tank or possibly even in the top of the fuel tank / fuel pump module. Had the same problem when I put my new sending unit in, turned out the fuse in the fuse block had blown and it only affected the gas guage. Fuel gauge S terminal has a pink wire and runs to the fuel sender. no luck. The float at the end of the sender unit arm can leak, ie let air out or fuel in. Seems to work the way its suppose to also checked voltage 4. Once located, visually inspect the connector and wiring. In the fuel-injection system, used on some engines, the petrol and air are mixed in the inlet manifold. Answer . When Im driving my car the needle in my fuel gauge seems to fluctuate a lot. So our truck's fuel gauge doesn't work and hasn't been for quite a while, so we have to keep track ourselves. Gauge tests ok so must be tank sender unit or electrical connection at tank. if the gauge moves at all, then it is the sensor itself that has failed. We also specialize in Boat, Diesel and truck refueling tanks. If wiring and tank ground is good then sender is not working. 6v is the optimal battery voltage. Thinking that the sender may have been shorted?? The fuel sender assembly may spring up from the fuel tank. Gas gauge does not work (reads empty at all times now). You pour it in your gas tank when filling up at the gas station, and away it goes. Since the day my boss picked the truck up, the pump was loud as hell, and I knew when I bought the truck that I was on borrowed time with that original pump. Now the fuel gauge always reads just over empty and it should work properly once I have a new AutoAnything's truck gauges and racing gauges add the ultimate touch to your vehicle's information center. For about 6 to 9 months I have noticed the fuel gauge reading full one minute and empty the next, this happens more following a fill up. My fuel gauge only reads empty. i was noticing problems with my fuel guage so i changed the fuel pump and sending unit out. I started the pump and went back into the car to check my mileage. When the car is filled up, the gauge registers properly, but when the tank is at least a 1/2 tank or less, when sitting idle the gauge will drop down to empty. So, I removed the pump and installed the original float with similar results. my gas gauge needle jumps from empty to full but it stuck on full most of the time also my speedometer gets stuck sometimes any idea what could be wrong 2002 Chevrolet S-10 RWD Maintenance & Repair The fuel gauge indicated the fuel tank was empty, although there was fuel in the tank. I pulled the XV into the gas station with 1 bar in the display and the low fuel light on. or could it just be the gauge any help would be appreciated. If it's reading totally empty, it's the ground. Fuel Pump Wont Always Com On I have an 2001 Chevy Malibu i turn the key but the fuel pump doesn't always kick on i just put new fuel pump sending unit and pick up in it. The gas gauge on my 2004 Monte Carlo was stuck on empty although there was plenty of gas in it. I ordered the new upgraded stepper motors from MCR vs the OEM by SWITEC. It was showing about half a tank which was correct and now it shows a full tank when the key is turned on. Hi everyone have a fuel gauge problem on 02 crv doesnt read accurate usually stays on empty, Has had new sender in fuel tank and also repaced gauge cluster to no avail have spent near $700 at auto electrician and still has same problem any ideas would be much appriciated thanks TOM 2000 S10 Fuel Problems i have a 2000 chevy s-10 and the fuel gauge will show full one time and the next it will show empty any ideas if this may be the ground wire or a relay it sound like When there are issues with a manual gauge you may see that the lever goes below the empty meter on the gas panel. Either one would cause a very rich condition and cause the engine to run bad. Now you start the car and the gauge reads full but the low fuel light is on. If the fuel gauge sender isn’t working, you will get an inaccurate reading on your fuel gauge. i have a 2003 gmc sonoma crew cab ZR5 4x4. The fuel gauge would drop to empty and the fuel light would come on. S10 , Impala, C10 Your fuel tank sending unit is located at the top of the fuel tank, but is accessible under your back seat (or under the carpet in your trunk). Check the car's manual, contact the manufacturer, or consult a friendly local mechanic to locate the fuse and ensure the fuse functions accurately. On my 99 Suburban, the fuel gauge needle appears to be vibrating and shakes rapidly back and forth about a needle's width or so. I went to fill up the tank and it would only take a few gallons of fuel. I just filled it up since I didn't know how much gas was in it and it is now showing full. Got under the Blazer. The fuel level sensor is grounded at the frame with a wire. Our certified technicians can come to you and diagnose the problem. TSB notices are issued by the NHTSA for safety-related defects or non-compliance with U. The solution was to backfeed power into what GM called circuit 242 under the dash Find it here, as well as other fuel system parts such as Gas Tank Mounting Straps, Fuel Senders, Sending Units, Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pumps. Question: The fuel gauge indicates the tank is empty after each fill up. is this the sender if so how hard is it to remove the tank this my first k5 blazer usually i normally trucks of the same vintage. 08-12-08 11:14 AM - Post# 1497767 In response to HillbillyRock It is an open circuit between the whatever sender you are using and the fuel gauge. Keep in mind: Fuel gauge inaccuracy may not be due to a faulty fuel gauge sender – something as simple as the shape of the tank can affect the position of the float and throw the reading off. From monitoring vital statistics like pressure and boost, to functions like temperature and fuel level, quality auto gauges deliver the info you need at a glance. The gauge will stay below empty untill i turn the vehicle off. also check the resistance of the sending unit in the tank with an ohm meter, if you dont have a speedometer cable it is a good chance it is the pod connector too. In Tank EFI Fuel Pump Conversion . Hooked the old pump with the sender all the way up as if it was full tank and in 2 second my gauge went all the way up to full. Originally Posted by BQS4 The 71-74 tank has the sender on the passenger side, and has a smaller outlet for the fuel. 03-12-12 03:20 PM - Post# 2201640 I just drove my s-10 home from the yard of the lady i bought it off of. Unplug the connector at the fuel tank. The problem is, its never exact, and I ran out of gas on more One of the more infamously problems with GM vehicles is a faulty fuel gauge that often leaves owners wondering just how much gas is left in their tank. if it isnt loose then try cleaning the contacts on the plug and the circut board, a pencil type of ink eraser works good for this. i even hooked new wires to the grounds that go to the sending units. Anyway, glad your sender is ok now. The new pump and sending unit came with a new wiring plug. Contamination in the system can cause restrictions to the fuel feed lines, fuel strainer, or fuel filter. Re: fuel gauge reading high does your fuel gauge always read high? as in reading higher than you have in the fuel tank, or is it stuck in the 'full tank' position? faulty sending units that i have replaced (in my c900 and the ovloV i once owned) have shown 'empty tank' on the gauge. ok last week my ltz was throwing 2 codes random/multiple misfire and p0440 evaporative emissions system cleared the codes and seems to be fine. Your Fuel Tank Level Sensor is located inside your fuel tank mounted on the side of the fuel pump. Find Parts (Current Product) Parts Lookup My Gas Gauge Reads Empty When It Is Full Of Fuel Read more 1996 / 2001 Injector vortec Spider Asy 5. A sender unit sends a signal to the fuel level gauge to show the fuel level in the tank. Fuel gauge A terminal is the 12V side of the jumper/regulator strap. This is the website for EricTheCarGuy! Here you will find answers to your automotive problems. It is vital that the sending unit is matched to the dash gauge. thanks for the responses though. A fuel pressure gauge can tell you plenty. When the fuel gauge in your Monte Carlo starts lying to you about how much gas there in the tank, it's time for a new fuel level sending unit. The fuel temperature sensors, along with maintaining proper fuel pressure, are also essential components for fuel injected engines. 0M and 5. fuel gauge reads way passed full no matter how much gas is in my tank. I found that the plug coming from the tank (under the truck, not in the tank) had one corroded, broken wire at the connector. Another possible cause of inaccuracy is the shape of the fuel tanks. Infotainment system has features like gps, fuel to empty, fuel average, music source, tpms, is very lowly placed on the centre console that it's difficult to operate or view while driving risking an accident. If you suspect the wiring this check should repeated by removing wires at gauge. 3L It's been running great but the fuel gauge has been having some issues, while I'm driving it works perfectly fine and has a proper reading. Parts & Accessories. Most gas tank units consist of two parts, the gauge mounted in the dash and a tank sender mounted in the tank. and on the way home i noticed the gas gauge began to move from side to side with each good sized bump in the road. See TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) reports for the 2001 Chevrolet Blazer . now a week later i filled up on fuel and i've went aprox 75 miles and it is still a hair over the full line. You will receive a $30 credit towards any follow-up repairs that result from the diagnostic. S. Or it may be a faulty gauge or a break in the wiring between the gauge and sender. thanks for the help. JustGasTanks is a leading fuel tank reseller in the world. 3 V6. The gauge jumps all over, the empty chime comes on all the time, and the engine light comes on Re: Fuel gauge is stuck on my vr4 hey guys sorry bout the late response, I got sidetracked with my other threads and didnt notice. Find the right gauge for your needs Auto Meter Favorites. All sending units contain a "float" piece which does just what it describes - floats atop the surface of the fuel. i don't even pay attention to the thing anymore, i just keep track of miles. If your S10 is experiencing electrical problems, you should always check the fuses first, because they are relatively easy to check and cheap to change. Beginning about 4 months ago, the fuel gauge on our 2001 Odyssey began randomly dropping to completely empty, remaining there for some variable amount of time, then returning the (apparently) correct reading. The units design is basically a ceramic wiper board with 2 small spring steel brushes that move back and forth across it's surface, varying the resistance from 40 ohms empty to 240 ohms full. Don’t forget to ask the community (forum) for help. No pressure can be due to a faulty relay, fuse, wire harness, or oil pressure switch, tripped inertia switch, or dried test fluid. usually it stays at full or empty. Then there's times when it reads full. while the truck is running the fuel gauge is stuck on full when I shut the truck off the gauge goes to empty i have a 2001 chevy S10 4 cly. well to my surprise it didn't fix the problem. Before it was stuck at 1/2 full all the time. Obtain 12-volt power from the fuse box using a standard wire, and connect it to the positive terminal of the fuel gauge. i think it is a pink wire thats the hot. Its free to use too!! No fuel because of a dead fuel pump, bad fuel pump relay, blown fuel pump fuse, plugged fuel filter or line, or failed PCM injector driver circuit or injector power supply relay. lol no thats mine. After installing the pump, my gauge read empty and the fuel light was illuminated. 5 (7. GMC Jimmy Radiator Fan Direction 1997 GMC Jimmy 4. Or, the fuel tank might be empty (don’t believe what the gauge is telling you), or the fuel tank might contain contaminated fuel (water or too much alcohol) or the Something is blocking the fuel flow and fuel is backing up to the nozzle tripping the venturi pump shut of switch on the gas pump nozzle. Now it stays above 3/4 of a tank at all times except when idling, then it goes all the way down to E and the low fuel light comes on. Parts Lookup. Here is a procedure to test the operation of the fuel injection relay and the operation of both fuel pumps. The fuel gauge should go to the full mark, probably way over the mark. Radiator caps are cheap, so replace it if you think it could be the problem. instructions apply to the AC-type fuel gauge, which This is a one way valve that connects the fuel tank to the EVAP Canister. fuel gauge that slowly gets to full or has a fuel connect one lead of an instrument gauge gauge that never gets to “F” (stuck) when the fuel system tester (Rotunda # 014-R1063 or tank is filled. Fuel Pump and FI Relay Diagnostic Tests. Bob's Speedometer is an Official Authorized Distributer for many gauge and parts manufacturers, such as Westach, Classic Instruments, VDO, Trim Parts and others - we also offer a wide selection of NOS, Restored Antique, Classic, Modern Gauges & Gauge Clusters. The main impediment to stretching your mileage is the fuel gauge on your car, which makes you think you have less fuel than you actually do. When removing the sender from the fuel tank, keep in mind that the reservoir bucket is full of fuel, so you must tip the sender slightly during removal to avoid damaging the float. We had to use the trip meter. As with most sensors, the tank sending unit is simply a variable resistor. My '96 Olds and '95/'00 Luminas would go 100 miles (at 25mpg) before the gauge came off the pin. to verify if the sensor is what's causing the problem, disconnect the connecter from the coolant temp sensor, and jump a paper clip across the terminals. If the fuel gauge reads empty when you know there is fuel in the tank, the cause may be a faulty sender unit the electrical device that measures the level. The fuel gauge is not accurate and hit empty when there is still about 6-8 litres the tank. The gauge cluster is the one with the tach, so the fuel gauge is small. Fuel gauge needle is going from full to empty. Turn the key on. it was going for a good minute. i The fuel gauge was stuck about dead center. Our selection of fuel pumps includes mechanical fuel pumps, in-tank electric fuel pumps & modular fuel pumps (fuel pump/sender combination units). The gas gauge showed empty. Welcome to Kia Optima Forum - a website dedicated to all things Kia Optima. To clarify something, the fuel gauge is not just showing full or empty, it varies all over the place. I will let you know if it works. If I start driving it will S L O W L Y creep up to where it belongs. * On some vehicle models, a bad ECT sensor may upset the transmission, cooling fan, and temperature gauge as well. Depending on the load on the electrical system, anything higher than battery voltage is good voltage for a vehicle. I had to use the sending unit supplied with my VDO fuel gauge because it registers empty at 10 ohms and full at 180 ohms, the same as new VDO gauge senders. The fuel tank has to be removed to gain acces to it. So the first time I filled up my tank the fuel level gauge on the instrument panel showed full bars. I have to drive about 200 miles then stop to put gas in it so I do not run out. This site gives you the distance you can drive when your fuel low light comes on, for a wide variety of cars. Most of the time, the fuel gauge is not the problem. i got underneath the truck and made sure my grounds are good. A fuel nozzle that continues to click off when we fill our tank is a sign of an evaporative emissions problem. Sometimes showing full, but also showing things in between. By RANDY RUNDLE. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. my trip computer also is stuck at 250 miles till empty all the time so i dont have any clue whats wrong with this thing. an just the way im going to leave it for now . It was indeed the sending unit wire for the gauge; patched it up and good to go. If fuel pressure is good but drops, this could also be a bad pump or leaking fuel pressure regulator, or stuck open injector. A Fuel tank sending unit is a term for the mechanical assembly inside your fuel tank which measures the level of liquid in the tank, then reports its findings to the fuel gauge on your instrument cluster. This is a common problem on many cars and trucks which can be repaired with a new sensor. Now a few months later, the fuel gauge just shows full. If gauge shows an upscale reading, remove the wire from "S" on backside of the gauge, if gauge returns to the low-scale position, the sending wire is grounded, if gauge continues to show an upscale reading, the gauge is bad. These devices are notoriously inaccurate, showing empty when there are gallons left in the tank and showing full for the first 50 miles. Re: Dead Fuel Gauge 1999 Chevy Blazer I found the old pump today so I got motivated. More than likely the sending unit in the fuel tank is bad. I think it may be stuck, but it goes straight to overfull every time I crank it up. Re: Fuel gauge always full lucky u!!! if only the petrol stayed full. Any suggestion on While you're scratching your head looking at a full fuel gauge, an engine starved of gas will leave you stranded in the garage or on the side of the road. Chevy S10 Gas Gauge Fix Electrical / Lighting. It's purpose is to send vapors to the canister instead of the air when you are refueling. $149. My fuel gauge is stuck on 4 bars. 89 is full and 0 is empty. i have a 99 blazer and my gas gauge will apear full and in actuallity it is near empty when i get really low it flips back and forth between full and empty. 13 -14v is the average alternator output. 1976 Scamp fuel gauge problems and the oil light that's stuck on. One issue I found when I swapped the old carbed 350 out for a TBI 350, was while driving my truck, I noticed that after using about 13 gallons out of a 20 gallon tank, if I stopped too hard the fuel would slosh forward away from the pump pick-up and the truck would stall. It might not be the fuel gauge itself, as the problem could be the sending unit for the gauge. When the vehicle is in motion, fuel is allowed to move back and forth and move, or “slosh” around. The tank is not empty -- I have put gas in it and the gauge does not move. The pump will turn on when you turn the key to the on position until it pressurizes the system, and then turn off. 3L Vortec is a leaking fuel pressure regulator (FPR), stuck open fuel injectors(s) or broken fuel lines under the upper intake manifold. The fuel gage circuit consists of the sending unit in the fuel tank, the gauge in the dash, and the wiring and dash wiring (or circuit board) between them. * Or it may cause a constant rich air/fuel mixture, causing an increase in emissions and fuel consumption. It’s just a gauge and some adapters to fit different spark plug sizes. The car stalled in center lane of a six-lane highway due to fuel gauge misrepresenting fuel level. possible BCM needs reset. Do you think that will Gauge reads full, then drops to empty, then back to full every 4 or 5 minutes when traveling. A fuel gauge works through a series of electrical connections from the sending unit to the gauge cluster, and when one of these connections malfunctions, so does the fuel gauge. There could be a few problems. Any idea what ohm range my 99 chevy silverado fuel gauge was designed to read? Sender is aftermarket and full on sender is showing 1/8th tank on truck gauge. The lever may stay in one spot and not float to the correct level when gas is in the car. OK, trying to work off all the little tuning issues on my swapped S10. The thing just goes from full to empty all the time then back to full. Gauge says empty low fuel message on. A common problem on this 4. Kind of annoying, but the trip odometer works so I just Troubleshoot your car's fuel gauge before seeking the help of a mechanic. They may also include a fuel filter , as part of the module. You can also find other images like wiring diagram, parts diagram, replacement parts, electrical diagram, repair manuals, engine diagram, engine scheme, wiring harness, fuse box, vacuum Could just be stuck. try the same thing with the connecter disconnected. Ensure that all of the wire connections are clean, secure and corrosion-free. The gauge dropped to empty although I knew I had gas in the vehicle. How many miles can you drive on empty before getting stranded? Running out of fuel is a cause for thousands of road rescues every year. In the example above, the first gauge shows that 28 psi of shop air is supplied to the cylinder and the second gauge is showing that there is a 35% loss of pressure which is acceptable. The Fuel and Temperature gauges are inside the speedometer housing and has it's ground, The volt meter and the oil pressure gauge have there own ground . 2: if fuel is coming out of injectors, but it is very weak, it could be a weak fuel pump, clogged up fuel filter, pinched fuel line, or fuel pressure regulator (located just previous to the fuel injectors). 12. If Your '84-New Instrument Panel Is Acting Up, Here's The Fix. The problem rests with the fuel gauge is not working no matter how much gas i put in the gauge stays at a 1/4 of a tank left. all of a sudden it wont start i have a full tank of gas but when i turn on the key the gas gauge goes to empty and the abs light stays on the brake and abs light has bee … By RANDY RUNDLE. I had and erratic fuel gauge needle and truck was sluggish. When the fuel light goes on in my Jeep, I've still got 4 gallons remaining and when I'm pinned out at the E, I still have 2. turn the vehicle on after doing this, and see if the gauge has moved in the dash at all. Fuel gauge showing empty. If the circuit was grounded, the gauge would read empty all the time. The fuel gauge for my 2008 toyoto Prius recently became inaccurate and it was determined defective according to the toyoto dealership, which required me to spend $1,115 to have it and its gas tank replaced. Find Equus Fuel Tank Level Senders 9982 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! If your fuel gauge is starting to give incorrect readings, it could be because your fuel tank level sender may be on its way out. gauge needle jumps from empty to full but it stuck on full most of the have a 1995 S10, and a 2002 Blazer. Touch sender wire to frame {full ground}, turn key on, gauge should read empty. The speedometer in my 1993 Lumina Eurosport is stuck at 120mph both when turned on and when off. 1. Car problem(s) with the 2000 CHEVROLET S10. well, what I wound up doing sadly was buying another whole pump assembly from mitsubishi. By Bob Freudenberger. When the problem first started the gas gauge would fluctuate from full to empty very often. Before tackling the different parts of the fuel sending unit itself, make sure the gauge fuse works well. I pulled it out yesterday and found they had shifted the pumps the wrong way (toward the float arm) and the float arm was pressed against them. We carry a broad variety of fuel pressure regulators to ensure your vehicle doesn't stumble, hesitate or lose power. Your gauge unit is wide open, no resistance, indicating a full tank of fuel. * On modern vehicles, a bad ECT sensor will upset ignition timing. Some say it is most likely the sending unit. 7R Vortec GM engines. I have a 2005 Mustang and ever since I bought it less than a month ago, the fuel gauge will register as "empty" when the tank is full. Replacing Your Fuel Pump. The liquid fuel can float the pellets of charcoal out of the canister and into the EVAP hoses. the molded fuel tank shells can deform, causing the fuel sender float arm to contact an embossment molded into the tank shell causing the instrument panel fuel gauge to show that the vehicle has approximately one quarter tank when the fuel tank is empty. Anytime the fuel system sees a loss in pressure retention it'll trigger an EVAP code and the CEL (check engine light). removed fuel pump from tank checked sending unit with ohm meter resistance gets higher when i raise fuel lever to simulate full tank. I have removed the bezel and pulled the gauge out, but don't know how to test the clips (3 of them) to tell if juice is reaching the gauge, or if the gauge is bad. Fuel gauge I terminal has a red wire and is the 12 V ignition hot wire. But I'm confident it could run more than 650km on a full tank of 70 litres. Some background first. Many British drivers continue driving for miles after the fuel warning light comes on. The 75 tank has the sender on If there is no fuel in the tank, than the car won’t start, and you shouldn’t try to start it if it runs out of fuel, because the fuel pump uses the fuel as lubrication and cooling, in which if it sucks in air, it will burn out, which is something you don’t want to happen because a fuel pump replacement can be an expensive fix. does anyone know a fix for this? Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Fuel Level Gauge from AutoZone. Chevy C/K 1500 Gauges So the other day the wife says, "Hey, you gotta look at my face all the time, how about springing for some Botox?" Setting the financial issues aside for a moment, you have to agree that she made a certain amount of sense. i shot that one morning in the parklot at my office. Does anyone have a problem with their fuel gauge NOT reading full? I have 3 bars not showing after I have filled up the tank until it The gauge reads empty, and the light is on so you fill up the tank. Fuel Minder II™ and Fuel Minder III™, hard-wired oil tank fuel level gauges that report fuel level on an analog fuel level dial that you locate in your building at a convenient location. The only real telltale difference was the fuel gauge would remain on empty. If your fuel level gauge stays still when the car is still, the problem is due to sloshing fuel in the tank. I have run the wires, put in a new neutral safety switch/gas gauge rely on the trans. After that, the fuel gauge should work without a problem. Wire a fuel gauge by first disconnecting the old dysfunctional unit to replace it with a new one. We just draped the plug wires on top of the intake, out of the way. If you cannot make your gauge read anything but empty then depending on your ohm range you may have one of the following problems: If you have a 0-30, 0-90, and 10-180 Ohm sender then most likely your sender lead wire is grounding out somewhere. (It originally started as stuck on full, then stuck on empty with the low fuel light on, then stuck on full, and now stuck on empty with the low fuel light on. Written by Gregs78cam. My fuel gauge started pegging on and off again. 5A) in the dash fuse box. The sending unit is probably the most common cause of fuel gauge failure. check the connector where the harness plugs into the instrument pod. 7L Gm Silverado Sierra Tahoe Astro Van Read more For sale is the multi-port or spider Fuel injection kit for 1996-2002 5. An indication that the fuel level reading was incorrect, which is no biggie as running low on fuel is not good for the pump anyways, pump runs cooler when submerged in fuel. i miss my gas gauge though If your fuel gauge behaves erratically or is stuck on full or empty, you may need to replace the fuel gauge sender. A fuel level sensor (or gasoline gauge) is a device utilized to show the amount of gasoline remaining in a vehicle tank. It is intermittent, dropping to empty then jumping back up to correct reading. Without the evaporative emissions system, fuel is forced up the filler neck and the fuel nozzle keeps clicking off. -I just filled the tank up to the top yesterday and drove about 60 miles on the interstate. Re: 72 Blazer K5 Fuel Gage Stuck On Empty. Feb 1, 2000 Ten minutes late. Other Fuel System Fuel Gauge problem 3 Failure Date: 03/20/2005 Fuel guage sticks in the full position all the time, this resultng in a stall vehicle on the highway requiring owner to move a disabled vehicle into the breakdown lane in the middle of a freeway. From 1965 up to the late 1990’s, GM decided to change the Ohm (Ω) reading coming out of the fuel sender from 0 – 30Ω to 0 – 90Ω (0 empty – 90 full) which allows the gauge to be a little more accurate. Due to our cheap gas tank prices, we are the top seller of motorcycle gas tank and ATV fuel tanks. wiring issue, the gauge in the dash has gone bad, or the sensor for the fuel float is bad, id check wiring and the gauge first because sending units are expensive and can be a pain to change. With all of the gas drained from your tank, you are ready to install your new fuel filter, or put in a new fuel sender, or just replace the entire fuel tank. noticed that once in a while ,with key off the gauge climbs to half full b … Fuel Gauge Stuck On Empty I filled it up and it took 36 gallons which makes me wonder if someone stole fuel out of my tank since I know it shouldn’t have been that empty. We made sure we wired it -about 75% of the time I start my truck, the fuel gauge will read empty and remain there (turning on the "low fuel" light). The gauge stopped working after a dual fuel pump install. s10 fuel gauge stuck on empty